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The Case of the Famished Parson

The Case of the Famished Parson by George Bellairs

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Publisher: Agora Books
Language: English
Published Date: April 2016
ISBN: 978-1911295488

Dr. James Macintosh, the Bishop of Greyle, is a mysterious man; for a long time, nobody even seems to know his last name. But things suddenly take a turn for the worse when his body is found completely emaciated and battered having being pushed face-first off the edge of a cliff…

Inspector Littlejohn faces an incredibly peculiar case and must figure out how to explain the savage murder of a gentle Bishop? Perhaps he know too much about the secretive citizens of Cape Marvin, the seaside resort and the place of his murder.  Or did it have something to do with the strange family he had left behind in Medhope?

Above all, why was the Bishop’s body so undernourished that death by violence won out by only a few days over death by starvation?


The Case of the Famished Parson was originally published in 1949.

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‘Pure British detective story’ – The New York Times

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