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Death Spins the Wheel

death spins the wheel george bellairs harold blundell detective littlejohn classic british crime

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Published Date: 1965

An elderly French lady arrives in the Isle of Man to try her luck in the new casino. She has a system and it pays off until she is found shot on the beach at Douglas late one night.

The case of the dead roulette player has some queer ingredients and roots far afield. These include two recluses who live in the Island; an army colonel with a distinguished career and a strange English woman who during the war spent time in a German concentration camp.

Superintendent Littlejohn, of Scotland Yard, peacefully erecting a conservatory for his friend the Archdeacon of Man, finds himself involved in a much more serious matter and ends by leading an international team of detectives with the shrewd help of the Archdeacon himself.

Before the case is solved, many of the secrets of the dead woman’s past life come to light and a story of intrigue, treachery and disaster in the Resistance is ferreted out.

This is another of Littlejohn’s cases assigned to him because of his love of France and his understanding of the people.


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‘Pure British detective story’ – The New York Times

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