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Outrage on Gallows Hill

Outrage on gallows hill george bellairs harold blundell classic british crime detective littlejohn

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Published Date: 1949
Pages: 158

In Melchester, Thomas Littlejohn hunts the killer of a strangled poet

The war is over and blackouts are a thing of the past, except in the village of Melchester, where the local council has refused to sully its streets with unsightly lamps. The night is pitch black, but hardly quiet. Young lovers are rendezvousing, a police constable is helping himself to a few of his neighbor’s partridges, and a poet is going to visit his beloved, a new verse on his lips. She will never hear it, sadly, for the young man is stopped along his way—stopped forever, by the tight grip of the garrote.

The local constabulary wastes no time reaching out to Scotland Yard, which sends its best man: the easygoing detective-inspector Littlejohn. In Melchester he will find unspeakable secrets—and one citizen whose soul is as dark as the village night.


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‘Pure British detective story’ – The New York Times

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