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The Body in the Dumb River

The Body in the Dumb River george bellair harold blundell detective ittlejohn classic british crime

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Published Date: 1961

James Teasdale, a decent little bankrupt shopkeeper in the northern town of Basilden, never had any luck in business and his formidable father-in-law called him a no-good bum. Finally, however, James got a successful job as a traveller, only to meet his death and be found in the flooded Dumb River, miles from home.

When Superintendent Littlejohn, of Scotland Yard, investigating the case, revealed what James was travelling in and with whom there was quite a commotion in Basilden. There was still greater surprise when his murderer was finally brought to book.

This is another case where Littlejohn, the compassionate student of men and their motives, brings to light the background and characters, which cause a very singular crime.


Also published as Murder Masquerade




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‘Pure British detective story’ – The New York Times

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