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The Case of the Demented Spiv

The Case of the Demented Spiv by George Bellairs

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Publisher: Agora Books
Language: English
Published Date: April 2016
ISBN: 978-1911295495

 ‘I’m a spiv…  But whatever I’ve done, I never killed anybody.’

It’s a rainy, uneventful evening in the Oddfellows’ Arms until a greasy-looking spiv bursts into the pub, clearly unstable, and ranting about a body in Fennings’ Mill.

The police investigate the mad-man’s tale, and stumble upon a body, the face smeared with theatrical make-up and a false moustache pasted neatly over the lip. Once the national news descends, Inspector Faddiman calls in Inspector Littlejohn to help him uncover the dark, hidden secrets in this quiet, provincial town. Soon it becomes clear that a lot of people can’t, and won’t tell the truth.

Again the author of The Case of the Famished Parson supplies his many fans with all the ingredients for a session of pleasure and puzzlement.


The Case of the Demented Spiv was originally published in 1950.

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‘Pure British detective story’ – The New York Times

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